OVERVIEW: Jesus Loves the Bruins Week is a phenomenal opportunity to love our campus! This year it will be held Week 9 (May 29 – June 1, 2018)The focus of this week is to encourage our campus and remind them that they are loved and they matter!

SIGN UPS: To show some love, we will be giving out otter pops, snow cones, muffins, and candy on Bruinwalk during the week and would love for you to be a part of that by signing up at the google form below.

OUTREACH: We also are going to do individual outreaches with our Bible studies during that week. This is a way to more tangibly encourage people in the areas we live and hopefully start some cool conversations. Some potential ideas to get you started:
  • bring notecards or paper to study and write encouragement notes for floormates, RAs, professors
  • do some kind of outreach like text-for-a-cookie or a Zumba night
  • pick a time during the week to go sharing in pairs on campus
  • take out the trash for floormates
  • host a movie night and invite friends who are not from Cru
  • bake something as a small group and give it out to neighbors

SOCIAL MEDIA: To spread the word, we encourage people to do social media outreach as well. In the past, students have changed profile pictures on Facebook or done Instagram posts, as well as more temporary Snapchat/Instagram stories showing that people are on Bruinwalk with treats. If you would be interested in sharing more about the week with an encouraging word, it can reach a lot of people! This can be a great way not only to spread the word about the outreach but also start some really awesome conversations – people are curious about why we would be giving things out for free in a culture that is so focused on making a profit, and that gives us the chance to initiate a spiritual conversation and share a little bit about the free and abundant life we have in God!Usually students post a picture of them in their JLTBW t-shirt using the hashtag “#jesuslovesthebruins” and a caption such as: “I feel so fortunate to go to a school like UCLA, where I get to make friends from all different walks of life. I believe that Jesus loves every single person on this campus. I am trying to show that love by passing out otter pops on Bruin Walk this week- something freely given as a reflection of the love God has freely given us. UCLA friends, please stop by and grab one this week! “Just as I have loved you, you should love each other” -John 13:34. #jesuslovesthebruins”

A real example from last year:

GET INVOLVED: If you want to get more involved with this week, there are three easy things to do:

  1. Pick up your t-shirt and wear it during Week 9
  2. Sign up using the button below for shifts during Week 9
  3. Pray! (Nothing will happen unless God is in the process) we will be having an official prayer gathering Monday May 28, 8-9pm (location tbd, text Allison Mavrakis at (408)460-1332 if you don’t see her update on facebook) AND sign up below for a prayer time so we can cover the whole week in prayer!

Again, we look forward to seeing the way God gets to love His kids at UCLA through YOU this week! Remember to do something awesome with your bible studies, post on social media if you can, and be open to cool conversations – He will use this!